The Katherine Buffett Environmental & Cultural Heritage Fund

(Endowment Fund)

Donations to this Fund to date: $11,000

Supporting Park projects within the DVNP boundaries, with a special emphasis on projects which reflect Mrs. Buffett’s interests and values in wildlife, habitat and Native American cultural resources.

Mrs. Buffett was a beloved long-time visitor and friend of Death Valley National Park who passed away in August 2004 shortly after commencing her 98th year.  She had that wonderful, mid-Western ability to convey the most profound ideas and feelings with an economy of words and for that spirit, Death Valley offered an abundance of subtle beauty which she enjoyed sharing with friends and family.

A beautiful set of Timbisha Shoshone Native American baskets that she donated can be seen at the Borax Museum at the Furnace Creek Ranch in the Park.  Please stop by on your next visit!

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Under Construction!  Watch for updates soon.

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